Walk with me

K & S-

Remember that time when Monroe was born with a heart defect? The outpouring of love and support from our family and friends was so edifying that once the dust settled after her surgery I was so inspiried to help other children with heart defects.   And remember that time Susan that we raised money via Facebook pleadings ( I became one of THOSE people) and held a lemonade stand with the kids to donate to the American Heart Association?  I will never ever forget how you guys walked that ridiculously painful and scary road of unknowns with us when Monroe was born.  You showed up for us, big time.


me & moe at walk

Monroe at 5 months-heart all healed and apparently bewildered about something.


And then you showed up again with the whole family to the Heart Walk to help us raise awareness and show continued support.

me and susan

Anyway it has me thinking how I can show up for the people around me?  And how I can make it mean something to my kids?family at heart walk

I want my children to understand it’s their job to lift others when they can.  I’m not sure if you guys have heard of these 3 incredible projects but they are inspiring and I’m hoping you have a few you can share with me??

  1.  Redfredproject: this dude takes kids who wouldn’t otherwise have a voice and helps them create a book just for them (and us…to buy…so he can keep up the good work).
  2. Lifting Hand International: This incredible non-profit helps lift the absolute helpless-refugees.  Incredible work here (donations thru Amazon are so easy!)
  3. Hope Heals: This husband and wife team will make you laugh and cry your eyes out.  I can’t recommend their book enough (Katherine had a brainstem stroke and was left nearly dead and paralyzed) and many of the experiences shared in their book paralleled the same thoughts and feelings I had while staying with Monroe in the hospital.  They hold occasional camps for children with disabilities and it’s a really worthy use of donations.

Alright- spill the beans…how do you get your kids excited about serving?



p.s. here’s a little video my cousin, Tiffany made of the walk.  I wish I had her to follow me around and document my life.  I am the worst at taking pictures.



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