Dear Anna and Katie,

Do you gals ever go help out in your kids’ class?  Anytime I do, I have a slight headache for a few hours.  Kuddos to all the teachers out there. Katie, I don’t know where you can muster up the patience to withstand dozens of grade schoolers and actually impart knowledge. I knew when we did that co-op preschool with Calvin and Ian, back in the day, that I was not cut out to ever be a homeschooler.  I still wonder if I laid a rocky foundation for his educational experience.  However, one thing I have managed to do was teach my children to read.  Back when blogspot was hot and everyone had a blog, I came across a friend’s site and she wrote about an instructional book on how to teach your child to read.  I bought the book and have used the same pages to teach 4 of my 5 children to read.  I know both of you have heard me sing its praises.  The book is ‘How to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons’.  Each chapter is broken down to a 5-15 min lesson.  No prep work at all.  It tells you exactly what you need to say to your child.  I love the one on one with my kid and can feel good about giving them a good anchor on their reading skills.  If you want to teach your kid to read but are too lazy or overwhelmed to do the research or the work, put your amazon prime account to work and order yourselves the book and force some quality time with your fartknocker.

Hasta Luego!




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